Strategies of leading

organizations in adopting



DEJ RESEARCH STUDY: <a name="anchorname">anchorname</a>


Why do companies depend on Observability for managing modern IT environments and impacting business goals? 


Organizations are losing hundreds of millions of dollars after starting their digital transformation journeys, and a new study by Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) shows how the acceleration in cloud native adoption has created the perfect storm. 


Download the report to find out how Top Performing Organizations are adopting observability to achieve exceptional digital experiences.





"The need to continuously innovate, and do so at a fast pace while

meeting increasing customer expectations for experience, is escalating

the complexity of IT environments at a significant rate."

- DEJ Research Study, "Strategies of Leading Organizations in Adopting Observability"


In this report you'll discover why: 

  • Traditional IT performance tools are no longer effective
  • Most organizations have lost delivery chain visibility
  • Improving business outcomes is the #1 criteria for evaluating IT management performance solutions

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