Cloud Native Monitoring

Practical Challenges and Solutions

for Modern Architectures

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It's time to rethink monitoring for modern architectures


By using distributed architectures, the cloud native ecosystem enables organizations to build scalable, resilient, and novel software architectures. But the ever-changing nature of distributed systems means that previous approaches to monitoring can no longer keep up.


Cloud native systems require a new approach to monitoring, one that is:

  • Open-source compatible
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Able to control for massive data growth

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"The monitoring and observability landscape has changed greatly
over the past three to five years. System architectures are sufficiently
different from their pre–cloud native counterparts to demand a new
paradigm, born from radically rethinking, as an industry, how we
build and implement monitoring systems."

- O'Reilly Report: Cloud Native Monitoring


Cloud native monitoring can't exist in a vacuum, it needs to be part of a broader observability strategy.


In this report, author Kenichi Shibata introduces the three phases of observability, a goal-driven, pragmatic approach to cloud native monitoring that emphasizes remediating problems and improving business outcomes.


With this method, you will collect, aggregate, and analyze metrics that focus on the outcomes you want to achieve: to remediate or prevent issues in your system so you can focus on improving business outcomes.

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