Outcome-Driven Observability

With rapid remediation as the goal, know, triage and understand problems faster with real-time observability. With deeply linked metrics and traces, teams can find trends and outliers so people can solve complex issues up to 7x faster.


Reliability and Efficiency at Scale

Built from the ground-up for cloud-native scale and complexity, Chronosphere is 5x more reliable than other SaaS monitoring solutions.

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Level-up Open-Source Monitoring

Open source cloud native monitoring such as Prometheus isn’t so simple as organizations inevitably scale up their infrastructure footprint and number of microservices. There’s a better solution for scaling cloud native monitoring.


Keep Costs Under Control

With complete control over metric retention, resolution, and aggregation based on the environment or team, never have to make tough trade-offs about what systems to monitor. Never have a surprise overage again.


Dedicated Service and Support

No concept of paid support here - we want to work with you every step of the way. We offer 24/7 x 365 communications in addition to a dedicated customer success account team that you'll have direct access to.

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Tame Rampant Data Growth

As data grows in scale and cardinality, services and systems have greater interdependencies that traditional cloud-hosted monitoring and APM tools can’t understand. Control observability data and cut volumes by up to 50%.

When searching for a fully distributed monitoring solution based on open source technology that could scale reliably without losing data, DoorDash chose Chronosphere. After finding a solution that met all of its teams’ needs in one platform, DoorDash is no longer burdened with having to discuss pain points like metric loss anymore.

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