451 Research: Chronosphere improves team productivity


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What if you could remediate issues faster AND improve engineer quality of life?


A 451 Research report highlights how Chronosphere’s observability platform includes unique capabilities that help teams avoid engineering burnout.


Rather than the chaotic, bottoms up approach most organizations employ, Chronosphere makes it easy for central observability teams, service owners, and engineering teams to balance control and flexibility to make engineers more productive.


“Chronosphere is aiding teams in being more effective and efficient in monitoring and troubleshooting applications and the associated infrastructure.”


This 451 Research report digs into Chronosphere capabilities that help cloud native engineering teams work more efficiently:

  1. Workflow and data organization
  2. Query enhancements
  3. Trace metrics
  4. Allocation quotas for licensed data capacity amongst teams and services

Learn all about these capabilities in this recent 451 Research report.


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