Cloud Native Monitoring Enterprises Use Multiple Approaches for
Cloud Native Monitoring


451 MARKET INSIGHT REPORT : <a name="anchorname">anchorname</a>


Taking a fresh look at your observability platform options? You’re not alone.


Purpose-built cloud-native observability platforms offer a better alternative to traditional solutions.


Rapid acceleration of cloud-native adoption is driving organizations to choose modern observability platforms over legacy products because they are purpose-built for microservices and container-based architectures.


" With the added complexity and differences in architecture, organizations have had to reexamine their approaches to monitoring to ensure they are maintaining visibility across their environments."

- by Liam Rogers, Jay Lyman, 451 RESEARCH


A recent report by 451 Research looks at the reasons behind this trend, examining: 

  1. Challenges of using cloud-native technologies.
  2. Approaches organizations are taking in monitoring their cloud-native apps.
  3. How changing requirements are solved by new cloud-native vendors offering purpose-built observability platforms.

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