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Prometheus is an open-source metrics-based monitoring solution that has become the de-facto standard for cloud native environments. It’s quick to set up, simple to operate, provides immediate value out of the box, and its label-based approach and powerful query language makes it ideal for cloud native architectures.

Another often overlooked benefit is data portability and interface compatibility between vendors. With the Prometheus metrics format and query language being widely supported across both open-source and commercial vendors, it makes migrating easier and gives you options should your business needs change.

But if you have mainly used proprietary monitoring and APM solutions in the past and aren’t familiar with open source, making the shift can be intimidating.

Not to fear!

In this webinar Julius Volz, co-founder of Prometheus, will provide a demo and discuss 5 reasons to use Prometheus for monitoring when starting your cloud native journey. You will learn:

  • How easy it is to set up and operate Prometheus with Kubernetes
  • The benefits of open source vs. proprietary solutions for monitoring
  • How the maturing and robust open-source ecosystem around Prometheus is helping drive enterprise adoption



Julius Volz



Scott Kelly

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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